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The Team

Roslyn Feldberg ROSLYN FELDBERG  began her working life as a sociologist, teaching and doing research at Boston University on the work of women, especially those in female-dominated occupations. Fifteen years later, she began working as a researcher for the Massachusetts Nurses Association(MNA) and transitioned into a negotiator and labor representative.

Retired from the MNA after twenty-six years, she moved to Hanoi, Viet Nam with her husband. There she taught English and lectured about nursing in the US. On returning to the US, she lectured on collective bargaining and taught a women's labor history course at the MNA. Questions from the nurses in the class made her realize the importance of women understanding their own labor history. With the encouragement of the MNA, the nurses in the class and especially Jeanine Hickey, she began work on this, her first documentary. Contact Roslyn by email at
Amanda Wallas AMANDA WALLAS  Amanda's love of storytelling and photography brought her to filmmaking during her years at Connecticut College. She cut her teeth as a producer/videographer/editor at Plum TV before starting work at Richard Lewis Media Group, where she creates films and interactives for museum exhibits. In her freelance work, Amanda focuses on stories that empower women or that communicate scientific ideas to the general public. Contact Amanda through LinkedIn at
Chris Mellor CHRIS MELLOR  As a freelance animator, Chris Mellor strives to always tell a better story through motion, delivering sophisticated content within a tasteful and engaging package. Raised just outside Philadelphia, Chris moved to Boston in 2007 to attend Boston University, where he gained an academic background in video, animation, and visual effects.

Chris has worked freelance in cities throughout the East Coast, while his museum work for the Richard Lewis Media group has spread his work globally. His diverse portfolio ranges from short motion graphics promos for the web or broadcast, to large-scale installations like 180-degree wrap-around theaters and enormous multi-screen arrays. For more of Chris' work, check out

About the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA)

Founded in 1903, today the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) is the largest union and professional association of registered nurses and health professionals in the state, as well as the third largest in the nation, representing more than 23,000 members working in 85 health care facilities, including 51 acute care hospitals, as well as a growing number of nurses and health professionals working in schools, visiting nurse associations, public health departments and state agencies.

The MNA is a one-member/one-vote democratic organization where the members set the agenda. An elected Board of Directors, made up of frontline nurses and health care professionals from across the Commonwealth, directs the organization.

The Purpose of MNA
Work for improvement and availability of health care services for all people. Foster high standards of nursing practice, education and research. Promote the health and safety of nurses. Act and speak for registered nurses in Massachusetts. Foster involvement by RNs in the political process to shape sound health policies.

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